A Quick Summary on How Rewards1 Works:

To earn points for prizes, you must complete offers which are sponsored by various merchants. Offers range from simple things like just entering your zip code or email address, to doing short surveys, to buying and trying products.

Offers come in 4 categories:
Free These offers are completely free and require no money to complete - downside is they are usually the lowest paying
Free, req. credit card pay more but you must follow cancellation instructions carefully or you will get billed
Pay, req. credit card highest paying offers, but require you to make a purchase
Cellphone these offers require a cellphone, and may or may not be free

An important thing to remember is that offers are ordered by how easy they pay out (convert). The ones at the front convert easier/better than the ones near the end - make sure you try those first!

We are constantly adding new offers and deleting the older, poor converting offers. New offers appear under "View New Offers" and will join the regular offers after they've been around for awhile.

Super Important Tips:

Tip 1: Create an email spam account
The email address you use when completing offers will be heavily spammed by the companies which sponsor them. Because of this we highly recommend you create a new email account strictly for completing offers - any of the free email services like gmail or yahoo will work.

Tip 2: Do the offers from the front first.
Don't worry if the ones in front are all about lipstick and mascara and the offers in the back are Ferrari's and XBox's, you want to get as many points as quickly as possible - don't be fooled by "cool" looking or high paying offers.

Need more help?

Make sure you read through Commonly Asked Questions, as many questions you might have will likely be answered there.

You will also want to visit the Rewards1 Community Forums for more tips and tricks submitted by our members. New users will find the forum "Tips from the Pros" a helpful resource; you'll find lots of useful articles and answers to many commonly asked questions there.

Lastly, if you still need help you may specifically ask a Community Mentor for assistance. Mentors are community members who have experience and are kind enough to donate their time to helping new users answer basic questions.

Here is a thread that a member wrote.CLICK HERE FOR THE THREAD! 
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