Commonly Asked Questions

What are Offers and what does it mean to participate?
Marketing companies create offers to attract you to try or do something. It may be something as simple as providing a zip code or email address. It may be filling out a survey or even trying a product out for little or no cost. In any case, they will offer some sort of incentive to reward you for your time. That's where Rewards1 comes in. By participating in these offers you'll receive whatever the company is offering, as well as points from us which you can redeem for cool prizes!

Ok whats the catch?
None!  Rewards1 is completely free to use.  Registration is free, there are no monthly costs and you're under no obligation or commitment to participate. You may complete as many or few offers as you'd like, and there's no limit to how many points or prizes you can receive.  Signup, try out a few offers and watch the points come in!

What if I don't see any prizes I like?
We fulfill custom requests.  Prizes are typically redeemed from places like,,, etc. If you see another prize you prefer, send us the link and we'll let you know the points you'll need.

How else can I earn points?
By referring your friends to Rewards1, you get 20 percent of whatever they make forever!  There's no limit to how many referrals you make - some users literally generate hundreds of points from just referrals alone!  See the Referral Section inside for more details.

Won't I get spammed giving away my personal info?
Rewards1 will never spam you, see our privacy policy for more details.  However, we have no control over the information you submit to 3rd party companies.  For this reason, Rewards1 suggests you create a "spam account" when completing offers. You can use any of the free email services like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail for this purpose.

If you're uncomfortable giving out your phone number take a look at or AIM Phoneline. Remember, its never ok to use false information as that's grounds for account termination.

I've signed up but I can't log in?
After you sign up, you must check your email and click the confirmation link to activate your account.  (You may need to check the spam folder)  Make sure your spam filters are set to receive emails from this domain. 
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